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Debit Card

  • ICICI Bank Advantage Woman Savings Account comes with a Customized ICICI Bank Pocket Debit Card
  • Customers can earn Upto INR 750/month cashback on Dining, Jewelry and Entertainment with this debit card
  • Get complimentary personal accident insurance protection and purchase protection cover on your debit card 
  • Daily cash and withdrawal limit as per your account variant.

Product Features

  • With this ICICI Bank Advantage Woman Bank Savings Account, customers can earn upto INR 750/month cashback on Dining, Jewelry and Entertainment
  • This account also gives a discount of 50% on locker rent for the first year
  • This account becomes a Zero Balance accountif account holder opens a Recurring deposit of INR 3000/month to shop from Tanishq
  • This account provides its female customers with money Multiplier facility with best interest rates. It also gives best home loan rates to its customers
  • MyMoney tool for managing finances

Offers & Discounts

  • Preferential rates on home loan, personal loans and car loans- enjoy the double benifits of lower rates and having a home in your name.
  • Apply easily for iProtect smart which has comprehensive premium for life, accidental death and 34 critical illness cover.
  • Tools for managing your finances - My Money. 

ICICI Bank commenced its operations in 1994 and was originally promoted by its parent company ICICI Limited, an Indian financial institution.

ICICI Bank offers innumerable banking products and services to a variety of customers including corporate and retail customers.


ICICI Bank provides a wide range of accounts including but not limited to Savings Account, 3 in 1 Account, Salary Account and Pension Account. 

They also have the most flexible deposit scheme by the name of iwish. In addition to this, they have traditional RD, traditional FD, FD without premature withdrawal, Tax saving FD and Money multiplier Fixed Deposit.

 ICICI provides various investment solutions, insurance, tax planning, variety of loans, credit cards, debit cards and travel cards and innovative services such as My Money and ICICI Pockets.

Delhi: 01133667777 / 01144455000 Mumbai: 02233667777 / 02244455000
Kolkata: 03333667777 / 03344455000 Chennai: 04433667777 / 04444455000
Bangalore: 08033667777 / 08044455000 Hyderabad : 04033667777 / 04044455000
Ahmedabad: 07933667777 / 07944455000 Andhra Pradesh: 7306667777
Assam: 9864667777 Bhopal: 07553366777
Bhubaneswar: 06743366777 Bihar: 8102667777
Chandigarh: 01723366777 / 01724445500 Chattisgarh: 9098667777
Dehradun: 01353366777 Ernakulam: 04843366777
Goa: 9021667777 Gujarat: 8000667777
Gurgaon: 01243366777 / 01244445500 Haryana: 9017667777
Himachal Pradesh: 9817667777 Jaipur: 01413366777 / 01414445500
Jammu & Kashmir: 9018667777 Jharkhand: 8102667777
Karnataka: 8088667777 Kerala: 9020667777
Lucknow: 05223366777 / 05224445500 Madhya Pradesh: 9098667777
Maharashtra: 9021667777 Orissa: 9692667777
Panaji: 08323366777 Patna: 06123366777
Punjab: 7307667777 Raipur: 07713366777
Rajasthan: 7877667777 Ranchi: 06513344339
Shimla: 01773366777 TamilNadu: 7305667777
Telangana: 7306667777 Uttar Pradesh: 8081667777
Uttarakhand: 8081667777 West Bengal: 8101667777

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