Indiabulls Home Loan

Indiabulls Home Loan

Interest Rate

8.80 % - 12 %

Processing Fee





  • Age of the applicant should be 21 years when loan is applied for and 65 years when the loan period ends
  • The applicant should be earning a regular income,either salaried or self employed


  • Application form duly signed
  • Processing fee cheque
  • Property documents
  • Name & date of birth proof
  • Any one address proof
  • Signature proof
  • Identity Proof

Income documents:
(If salaried) Salary slips, Form16 and bank statement

(If self-employed) ITRs with financial statements, bank statement


  • No charges for prepayment incase the loan is preclosed from own sources
  • Any partial or full prepayment from other sources during fixed interest rate period of the loan will attract prepayment fees of 2% of the amount prepaid
  • No prepayment charges applicable for all payments upto 25% of the principal outstanding(POS) including all prepayments made within preceeding 12 months
  • If prepayment amount exceeds 25% of the principal outstanding(POS) including all prepayments made within preceding 12 months, then the excess prepaid amount of 25% of POS will attract pre-payment as applicable
  • Preclosure/Foreclosure fee is applicable on forclosure payments including all prepayments made within preceding 12 months
  • Transaction handling charges in balance transfer/Resale home loans: INR 2500
  • Technical valuation charges:NIL, included in processing fee
  • PDC/ECS dishonor charges: INR 500/-(home loan),NIL on ECS/PDC
  • Late payment charges: 24% per annum of outstanding EMI
  • PDC/ECS swapping charges: NIL
  • Retrieval charges for copies of loan/porperty document in IB custody: INR 500
  • Charges for statement of account/Amortization schedule: INR 200
  • Registration charges for borrower's ECS mandate(loan repayment): NIL
  • Income tax certificate in home loans: NIL
  • Complaint handeling charges: NIL
  • Charges for certified true copies of title deeds from SRO, if applicable: As per actual
  • Stamping charges of loan agreement: As per actual
  • Stamping charges of other legal documents: As per actual
  • Original property documents retrieval: INR 5000
  • Database admin fee: INR 650
Indiabulls home loans has been one of the most prominent loan products in the market since its inception in 2005. This product has come of age and the customer base has gone up ever since making it the second largest lender in the market.This home loan plan provides an attractive interest rate range starting at 11.50% and a loan cap that can go upto INR 500 lacs or more. With a tenure range upto 30 years and hassel free return policy this loan plan has become one of the preferred products in the industry

Founded in 2005, Indiabulls housing finance is one of the biggest mortgage lenders in the market. Started as a financial services company, it went on to become the second largest lender in the market receiving highest long-term credit rating of AAA from all four leading rating agencies in India. The swift, hassle-free and competitively priced home loans with a reliable return policy has earned Indiabulls housing finance millions of loyal customers around the country. Thier consistent perfomance have earned them over 1 million customers who have collectively disbursed home loans of over INR 1.97 trillion as of 2017 which showcases thier strong focus towards the goal of becoming a market leader.

Q1. What are the tenure options for the home loan?


You can get home loans for tenure up to 30 years. But the term of the loan will only extend till the age of 65 years or your retirement age, whichever is earlier.


Q2. Who can be my co-applicants?


Co-applicants for the loan can include your spouse and other blood relatives. The condition is that the co-applicant has to be a co-owner of the house.


Q3.What is an amortization schedule?


An amortization schedule is a table giving details of how much your loan amount goes down each month when you pay EMIs. The amortization schedule also gives you information on how much outstanding principal and interest you are repaying with each EMI.


Q4. What is a Pre-EMI?


Pre-EMI is the interest paid on the loan amount availed in part and before the start of actual EMI. You will have to pay this if disbursals are for self-construction or at the construction stage of a building. Since the EMI doesn't start till the loan is disbursed in full the interest is charged on the partially disbursed loan amount, which is pre-EMI.


Q5.What kind of security/collateral do i need to provide?


You can use immovable property as collateral. The title to the property should be in your name, clear, marketable and free from any impediment. The security created on property will be first and exclusive. The security will be created by depositing original title documents of the property.

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