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Interest Rate

8.80 % - 12 %

Processing Fee


30 Year


  • Age of the applicant should be 21 years when loan is applied for and 65 years when the loan period ends
  • The applicant should be earning a regular income,either salaried or self employed


  • Application form duly signed
  • Processing fee cheque
  • Property documents
  • Name & date of birth proof
  • Any one address proof
  • Signature proof
  • Identity Proof

Income documents:
(If salaried) Salary slips, Form16 and bank statement

(If self-employed) ITRs with financial statements, bank statement


  • No charges for prepayment incase the loan is preclosed from own sources
  • Any partial or full prepayment from other sources during fixed interest rate period of the loan will attract prepayment fees of 2% of the amount prepaid
  • No prepayment charges applicable for all payments upto 25% of the principal outstanding(POS) including all prepayments made within preceeding 12 months
  • If prepayment amount exceeds 25% of the principal outstanding(POS) including all prepayments made within preceding 12 months, then the excess prepaid amount of 25% of POS will attract pre-payment as applicable
  • Preclosure/Foreclosure fee is applicable on forclosure payments including all prepayments made within preceding 12 months
  • Transaction handling charges in balance transfer/Resale home loans: INR 2500
  • Technical valuation charges:NIL, included in processing fee
  • PDC/ECS dishonor charges: INR 500/-(home loan),NIL on ECS/PDC
  • Late payment charges: 24% per annum of outstanding EMI
  • PDC/ECS swapping charges: NIL
  • Retrieval charges for copies of loan/porperty document in IB custody: INR 500
  • Charges for statement of account/Amortization schedule: INR 200
  • Registration charges for borrower's ECS mandate(loan repayment): NIL
  • Income tax certificate in home loans: NIL
  • Complaint handeling charges: NIL
  • Charges for certified true copies of title deeds from SRO, if applicable: As per actual
  • Stamping charges of loan agreement: As per actual
  • Stamping charges of other legal documents: As per actual
  • Original property documents retrieval: INR 5000
  • Database admin fee: INR 650
Interest Rate

8.60%* onwards

Processing Fee


20 Year


Age limit for salaried: 23 to 62 yrs

Age limit for self-employed: 25 to 70 yrs

Min Credit Score: 750

Minimum Salary: Rs. 25,000 p.m

Work Exp for salaried: Min 3 yrs

Business continuity: Min 5 yrs


KYC Documents

Address proof

Identity proof


Form 16/ latest salary slips

Bank account statements of the last 6 months

Proof of business continuity (for business person, self-employed)


Individual: Floating rate >1 month - NIl

Non-Individual: Floating rate >1 month - 4% + applicable taxes

All borrowers: Fixed rate >1 month - 4% + applicable taxes


For Term Loan, charges are calculated on the outstanding principal.

For Flexi Interest-only Loan, charges are calculated on the sanctioned limit.

For Flexi Term Loan, charges are calculated on the current dropline limit.


Other charges:

Loan statement charges-Rs. 50

Interest and principal statement charges-NIL

EMI bounce charges-Rs. 3,000

Penal Interest-2% per month + taxes applicable taxes

Secure fee-Rs. 9999 (One time)

Mortgage origination fee-Rs.1,999 (non-refundable)

Interest Rate

9 - 9.10 %

Processing Fee


30  Year


Age: 25-40

Salaried Individuals (Both Resident as well as NRI)

Self Employed Individuals (Customized scheme for Doctors, CAs & other Professionals)

Self Employed Non Individuals


ID Proof- PAN, Driving License, Aadhaar

Address Proof- Aadhaar, Utility bills

Income Proof

Salaried: 3 month payslip/form 16, Last 6 months salary a/c statement

Self employed: Latest 2 year ITR, Last 6 months current a/c statement

Processing fee cheque



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When an applicant applies for a loan the eligibility criteria is determined by the bank. The bank analyses whether the applicant's new loan will affect the repayment of their existing loans which could be a personal or any vehicle loan. If the cur

Changes in home loan interest rate doesn't usually affects the EMI. Incase if there are any changes in the rates that get introduced it would accordingly change the ratio of interest and the principal amount collectively in the following years. If there is an increment in the interest rate, then the EMI's interest margin will also simultaneously increase whereas the Principal loan amount would decrease and vice-versa.  

Here is good news for everyone out there who seek answer to the same question. The section 80C of our Income tax Act, an individual is entitled to the benefit of tax exemption up to 1.50 lakh on the principle amount of loan. Also, according to the section 24 act of Income tax Act, a taxpayer can avail tax exemption of up to 2 lakhs on the interest paid against their annual home loan

It means the amount of home loan you can get on the total value of the property. Loans up to 30 lakhs can be financed at up to 90% of the property value. Loans above 30 lakhs to 75 lakhs can be granted at up to 80% of the property value. Loans above 75 lakhs can be offered at 75% of the property value

There is a provision of transferring outstanding loan amount to another creditor who might offer a lenient or relaxed interest rate. This helps the person to save on the total interest margin of the loan amount approved by the first creditor.

Every E.M.I has 2 components attached to it one is interest and the other is principal amount. After each installment of E.M.I is paid a part of the principal amount gets reduced with each consecutive month.

A tabular layout with multiple columns and rows which enlists the payments during the tenure of the loan repayment. EMI's of every month are categorically segregated to indicate the share of interest, principal amount and the unpaid principal balance. Ideally the EMI amount remains the same and with each passing month the interest share reduces, and the share of principal amount increases.

This is the interest paid against the applied loan amount before the EMI cycle starts. The situation which requires you to pay a pre-EMI is when the disbursal amount is utilized for a self-construction property or during the construction stage of a property. This scenario requires a payment of the interest charged on the partially disbursed loan amount which is termed as Pre-EMI.

The two different types of interest rate that is offered on home loans one is fixed and the other is floating. As the name suggests the fixed interest rate remains the same and unaltered throughout the repayment time period regardless of the changes in loan regulations of the lender bank or even R.B.I for that matter. Floating rates can be affected by the implementation of any new regulation that the bank or R.B.I might introduce during any financial year.

Co-Applicant is usually a closely related family member (blood relatives or spouse) of the initial applicant. This Co-applicant is equally part of the standard credit application. The underwriter will review the credit scores and credit profiles of both applicants in their approval decision. Applying for a loan with a co-applicant improves the chances of loan approval and entitles both the applicants collectively to better loan terms and loan amount.

Income of applicant

Age of the applicant

Residential status

No. of dependents

Credit history


Existing loans status

NO. It is not compulsory to have a co-applicant, but a co-applicant can get you higher eligibility and increase your chances of getting a home loan. A parent, a spouse, even children can be nominated as co-applicants.

Original registration stamp duty receipts

Original copies of the chain of title agreements and building plan approvals

Possession Letter

Original Share certificate

Proof of payment of all dues (electricity bills, maintenance charges, Property taxes, Phone and water bills until the day of possession

NOC from the concerned body confirming possession

Yes. There is an option of pre-closing the loan but then pre-closure charges will be levied accordingly.

MCLR stands for marginal cost of funds-based lending rate. MCLR is the benchmark rate below which the banks cannot provide loans to the customers who are availing loans linked to MCLR. This is applicable for all new loans which have been sanctioned from April 1, 2016 onwards.

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