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1What are types of Demat Accounts?
  • a) Regular Demat Accounts:- This account is relevant for residents in India who want to trade in Online Equity investments.
  • b) Repatriable Demat Account:- This account is relevant for Non-Resident Indians(NRI) to trade in global market.
  • c) NON-repatriable Demat account:- This account is relevant for an NRI to trade in online securities without transferring funds abroad.
2What are the benefits of opening Demat account with sharekhan?
  • 1) LOWER RISK- The threat of forgery and theft has been reduced with an electronic format
  • 2) EASY TO HOLD- You can trade in securities, view your holdings, transaction history, etc. at the click of a button. You can make changes to your address, linked phone number, linked bank account, and such other account- related changes for every company stock all from your demat account.
  • 3) EASE OF TRADING- With demat accounts; transfer of shares has become easier and trading in shares, buying, storing, selling online has become seamless.
  • 4) REDUCED COSTS- Dematerialization of shares has eliminated the stamp duty and reduced all other transactional costs.
  • 5) REDUCED TIME- A demat account minimizes the time taken to trade in equity investments
  • 6) ODD-LOT PROBLEM RESOLVED– Demat account has eliminated the restrictions of sale of shares in odd lots.
  • 7) VARIETY OF INVESTMENTS- Demat account has diversication of investment options.
3What are the documents that are required to open a demat account with sharekhan?
  • a) PAN card.
  • b) An account opening form.
  • c) Passport size photographs of all the account holders for the account opening form.
  • d) Voter ID, Passport or Driving License as Proof of Identity (PoI). Other government authorized identity proofs are also acceptable.
  • e) Either Passport, Voter ID, Driving License, Ration Card, Registered Lease/ Sale agreement of residence, Utility Bills (Electricity, Gas or Landline) or Bank account statement/passbook as Proof of Address (PoA).
  • f) investor's proof of income or net worth (Form 16, IT acknowledgment, bank account statement for six months or a certificate provided by a verified CA that confirms the net worth).
  • g) A canceled cheque that bears bank account details like the investor's name, account number, IFSC Code, MICR Code, and bank and branch details.
  • h) It is compulsory for NRI investors to appoint another person as a Power of Attorney to transact on their behalf.
4What are the charges that are involved in a demat account ?

There is a fee that is charged by the depository participant during dematerialization or rematerialization. This cost can vary from Rs5 to dematerialize certificates whereas rematerialization of certificates cost Rs25 per certificate.

5What is the annual maintenance charge of a demat account opened with sharekhan ?

The basic demat account with holdings up to a balance of INR50000 doesn’t incur any charges. Accounts with holding between INR50000-200000 can charge somewhere between INR100 to INR750 which completely depends on the number of transactions made in a year. Similarly if the total balance of holdings are above INR 2lakhs then the maintenance charge may go up to INR2000 to INR2500.