Sharekhan Demat Account

Sharekhan Demat Account



Trading Acc. Opening Fee/ AMC


Demat Acc. Opening Fee/ AMC


Account Features


Demat + Trading Account


Desktop trading terminal: Trade Tiger


Free sharekhan classrooms to learn

about stock markets


Trade via sharekhan website and

sharekhan app (android and ios)


Dedicated RM support


Offline branch support


Margin trading : Yes



Brokerage Charges

Personalized based on trading volume


Investment Products

Equity Trading:

Mutual Fund:

Comodity :




Debt Fund:

Known as the third largest retail brokerage firm in the country in terms of customer base, sharekhan is also known as one of the leaders of online trading in India. Sharekhan offers a wide variety of financial products including Demat account, trading account, securities brokerage, loan against shares, mutual fund distribution,ESOP financing, wealth management and IPO financing. Sharekhan has 153 branches and is present in over 550+ cities.It has a customer base of of about 1.4 million customers and deals in 4 lakh trades per day. Sharekhan is said to have pioneered online retail broking industry and has been in the market since 2000. Check out demat account with sharekhan to open a free demat account online.


When the application gets approved the account holder receives log in credentials which enables them to log in to their accounts. During the purchase scenario the request is sent through the online platform and the broker deposits the shares in the account. Whenever the account holder plans to sells the shares they need to provide delivery details of the stock. After the order gets processed the amount of the sold shares will be paid towards the online A/c.

The primary objective is to have electronic security over physical security. Online medium prevents the risk of alteration in certificates of shares or any forgery and theft. Paperless process ensures hassle free transaction and avoids delays. This also eliminates the efforts behind filling up transfer forms or sending redemption requests

The main feature of Demat account is to hold securities in electronic form (de-materialized form).  Demat account is similar to any bank account, that holds securities in electronic format. Demat accounts also allow you to consolidate all investments in shares, bonds, mutual funds, etc., into one single account. This avoids the need to communicate with different companies and organizations to track and manage your investments

It can be done however the account will be operated and overlooked by a guardian till the time the minor becomes an adult. Guardian has to be an immediate relative or blood relative ideally  father or mother. In a situation when both parents aren’t there the guardian can only be appointed by court.

Yes it can be done however, on attaining adulthood, the individual who was previously a minor should confirm the balance in his/her account and he/she has to complete formalities exactly as they are required for opening a fresh demat/ trading account to continue with the same account/s.

In a scenario where the person voluntarily wants to execute a power of attorney and give it to their Depository participant, that person will have authority to operate the account on behalf of the initial account holder.


This cannot be done. In case there are any changes in name or addition/deletion of account holder. The person has to open a new account with the desired names and number of holdings in that account and transfer the securities to the newly opened account.

This facility can only be used by individual holding beneficiary accounts which can be a single or joint account. Group holding accounts under a society, trust, corporate body, partnership firm and even the holder of power of attorney isn’t authorized to nominate.

The process of converting electronic holdings back into physical certificates is known as Re-materialization. The account holder has to file Remat Request Form (RRF) to the depository participant who will have to generate the RRN(Re-

There is an option and facility to freeze the depository accounts for any debits and credits. Any account which is frozen for debits won’t be permitted to proceed any transactions, till the time it is unfrozen.

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