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Avail your Home Loan in a few clicks

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1What are the name of different platforms where an investor can access angel broking’s trading features ?

The name of the different platforms are Angel Speed Pro for desktop, Angel Swift and Angel Lite for mobile.

2What are the different products offered by Angel Broking for investment opportunities?

The different products in which an account holder can invest in are Equity trading, Mutual Fund, Commodity, Currency, Bonds and Debt Funds.

3Does Angel Broking’s turn out to be cost effective?

Angel broking offers a single trading account for all sorts of product exchange and this saves a lot of time in managing multiple accounts, hence trading through an integrated platform proves to be more cost effective.

4What is the annual maintenance charge for Angel Broking’s demat account?

The annual maintenance charge of a demat account will be INR450 from second year onwards, for the first year its absolutely free.

5Is it compulsory to have a trading account along with a demat account with Angel Broking trading services and brokerage ?

It is not compulsory to have an existing trading account in order to go ahead and create a separate demat account with Angel Broking services.