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Initially, stocks and shares accustomed be changed via physical receipts referred to as certificates. However, this resulted in extended work and took up tons of your time. To counter this associate degreed to require advantage of an electronic commercialism platform that was gaining traction in west and Asian markets, the method of dematerialization (Demat) of shares was initiated in 1996. Physical share certificates were regenerate into electronic kind securities of equivalent variety and value and were attributable to the investor’s demat account. Thus, the appearance of commercialism commenced this manner. In additional simple approach, demat accounts permit the capitalist to shop for and sell still as interact not solely shares and stocks however alternative merchandise handily while not the necessity of any form of work. Now you can also open Demat account on CreditKaro. This online demat account permits you to access your holdings and transactions from anyplace victimization web Banking or Mobile App. The Demat Account options and advantages embrace simple dematerialisation and rematerialisation of shares, simple share transfer and management, company advantages like automatic electronic transfer of dividends and interest. It additionally offers you the choice of pledging your electronic shares to avail a loan

Steps Involved In Demat Application?

Step 1.

First select where you want to open a Demat Account and then select the Depository Participant you want to open demat account with. These days there is the facility of free demat account opening online.

Step 2.

Then fill up an account opening form and submit along with copies of the required documents and a passport-sized photograph. You also need to have a PAN card. Also carry the original documents for verification.

Step 3.

You will be provided with a copy of the rules and regulations, the terms of the agreement and the charges that you will incur.

Step 4.

Once the application is processed, the Depository Participant will provide you with a demat account number and a client ID.

Demat Account for you


Exchange -BSE|NSE

Trading AOF

Rs. 999

Demat AOF

Rs. 999

HDFC sky
HDFC sky

Exchange -BSE|NSE

Trading AOF

Rs. Nil

Demat AOF

Rs. Nil

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Benefits of Demat Account?


Possessing shares in their paper format carries heaps of risks like loss, misplacing them, injury to the certificates, etc. Dematerialization of shares eliminates the danger of loss and injury to the securities. The paper certificates additionally had high incidences of forgery and larceny. because the holdings area unit currently in associate electronic format, it's reduced the threat of forgery and theft.


A demat account makes equity trading and your shares accessible. you'll be able to exchange securities, read your holdings, dealing history, etc. at the press of a button. It additionally makes managing your details simple. You'll be able to build changes to your address, joined sign, joined checking account, and such different account- connected changes for each company stock all from your demat account.


Previously, paper certificates had to be sent to the corporate or the Registrar and Transfer authority to alter the possession of shares, that resulted in delays, extra prices and loss of certificates. With demat accounts; transfer of shares has become easier. commercialism in shares, buying, storing, trading online has become seamless and efficient.


A demat account minimizes the time taken to trade equity investments. Shopping for and trading of shares could be a faster method which will be done intra-day through an internet commerce platform. Similarly, ever-changing personal details in your stocks is done through one demat account within which the shares area unit command. All this has reduced the time taken to trade and manage securities for investors.


Stamp duty which is applicable on transfer of physical shares, that was a cumbersome method for investors. Dematerialization of shares has eliminated the taxation and reduced all the different transactional cost which were involved.


Previously, there were couple of restrictions in the business of selling shares. Shareholders weren’t allowed to sell shares in odd lots. The current scenario of Demat account has change hence eliminated those restrictions.


With passing years investment options have diversified, a demat account can comprise of mutual funds, government securities, bonds, exchange trade funds (ETF) all of these together.

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