Top 5 Patriotic Movies To watch This Independence Day

Top 5 Patriotic Movies To watch This Independence Day

No matter where we are, whatever we are up to on this day , It will never leave our minds  – 15th August , the day we got liberated, the day we woke up in 1947 and breathe the air in an independent country , the day that marked freedom our ancestors fought for . We the millennials took birth in a developing economy, in an independent country and thus we might never understand how much our predecessors did to make freedom a reality. 

Each Independence Day we wake up to the sound of all the patriotic songs, the moment we walk out of the house we see our national flags hoisted high in all kinds of sizes, Tricolor painted on the faces of kids running around with kites and small plastic flags in their hand , all this just gives us a sense of being ourselves, being Indians, the sense of security and freedom , it feels as if this is what our predecessors fought for so that we could call our country our own, so that today we can wake up and not care about walking free in our  own country . 

We’ve come a long way since 1947, today we live among kids who were born in the early 2000’s, kids who hardly know or realize what it was to be born during the British dominance. People of our age who were born in the 90’s , the 80’s , the 70’s  know about the legends of freedom struggle because we were closer to that era and most of our parents were a part of that era or their parents were , now as time passes by and we move towards 73rd year of Independence it’s important that we teach the next generation about our history , of how we evolved and about those heroes who made it happen . 

The history book can be a little boring for our millennial kids who are mostly hooked to their smart phones 24*7 therefore we have got a list of five movies which are a must watch for you and your kids to know all about our country’s evolution through the time of freedom struggle. 


Rated 8/10 on IMDB this movie explains the conditions in the pre-independence era of how Mahatma Gandhi led India to independence and inspired the movements for civil rights and freedom across the world. Starring Ben Kingsley, this film released in 1982.  This biographical film depicts the life of Mahatma Gandhi. It depicts the events from 1893 , when he was thrown off a south African train for travelling in the Whites-only compartment , then Gandhi being a lawyer returns to British India from south Africa and begins a nationwide campaign of non-violent resistance against the British rule , putting pressure on Britain to liberate India. This movie covers all important aspects of Indian freedom struggle in 3 hours and 11 minutes and ends with his infamous assassination and funeral in 1948. This film will give us a true picture of that time. Ben Kingsley has given a tremendous performance as Gandhi and is very much convincing with his role. 


Released in 2002 , this movie is the story of the legendry freedom fighter Bhagat Singh and his two friends , Raj guru and Sukhdev  among other freedom fighters at that time who chose the path of bold protests all around the country to give a strong message to the British that the youth of the country is awake and is ready for a rebellion anytime . Born in British India, Bhagat Singh witnesses numerous atrocities in his childhood and grows up to become one the most fearless freedom fighters in the country. The movie has depicted many important facts from that time and shows how three young men sacrifice their life for their country’s freedom which go on to become an important steppingstone in the struggle. the movie is rated 8.1/10 on IMDB and is a must watch.


Mangal Pandey, a sepoy of Indian origin, fights against British rule and saves the life of his British commanding officer, leading to a strong friendship between the two, this is the plot of the movie but other than that it covers a lot more. The name Mangal Pandey is synonymous with the revolt of 1857, a staunch brahmin by faith, Pandey served the British East India company as a sepoy (soldier) in its 34th Bengal Native Infantry (BNI) regiment. Regarded as the Hero of India the government of India issued a stamp in his honor in 1984. His attack on the British officers on March 29, 1857 was the first major impact of the sepoy mutiny also known as the first war of independence. Aamir Khan has done a phenomenal job playing the Character, making sure that you don’t miss this one.


With a run time of 224 minutes (3h 44 mins), this the seventh -longest movie in India. It is a fiction based in the late 1800s on the taxation system levied by the British East India Company.  As the story unfolds during the British Raj a farmer named Bhuvan accepts the challenge of Captain Andrew Russell to beat his team in a game of cricket and enable his village to not pay taxes for the next three years. Even though the story is a work of fiction It beautifully showcases rural India in the 19th century , and how an assembled team of villagers rebel against the mighty British in sport of their own and accomplish a dream farfetched. This film got International acclaim even in the Britain and is still considered a benchmark in Indian Cinema.


The story is about 5 young men from Delhi whose lives and perception change as they act in a documentary film on five revolutionary Indian freedom fighters. Inspired from the freedom fighters, they assassinate the Indian defense minister for his corrupted act, which was responsible for the death of their friend, an Indian Air Force pilot. The movie was an instant blockbuster and won many international acclaims. This film gives its audience an amazing contrast between a modern form struggle and the independence struggle. It binds the audience till the end and is still embedded in our hearts as one of those great films of all times. 

So, this was our list of movies you can binge watch this Independence Day. Send us your suggestions of movies you love to watch on this day every year. Talking of movies , you can also go into the theatres this 15th August to watch some amazing movies like Mission Mangal and Batla House which are based on true events that took place in our country with our RBL Bank movies & more credit card on which you get a welcome Gift of 4 movie tickets , each free at and a lot more! So don’t just sit there, live the day of independence to the fullest, and yes Keep coming back to Credit Karo for more such amazing content. Till then happy buying!


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