Scrolling through Instagram feeds of people, seeing theirFacebook check-ins on your feed makes you wonder how amazing their life is, youstart contemplating how much money they make or which company do they work foror probably what did they do right that you didn’t. Why is it that you aresitting at your home calculating how much you’ve left in your bank account on aweekend and some guy is constantly posting pictures from the hills with awanderlust hashtag? Who are these rich brats? How do they save up for a triplike this almost every few months? We know these questions hit you hard in thehead, we know how you exactly feel!

Let us tell you that not all people spend lavishly on atrip, people who travel on a regular basis without any sponsorship- hikers, trekkers,adventure sports enthusiasts, campers, travel bloggers etc. all of them use afew hacks here and there to save up money for essential needs rather thanspending it on luxury! All the amazing things you see on their feeds is whatthey exactly want to showcase and thus, even they need to travel on a budget sothat they can manage to keep their Instagram feeds alive!

So today we are going to talk about 10 hacks that could saveyou a lot of money on a travel expedition of yours! Follow these hacks to savemore while you are on a trip next time.


If you are planning to travel to a destination and do nothave ample money, the first and foremost thing is to look for an off-season.Prices are usually low on everything in this season, be it accommodation,travel, food, local conveyance, tourist spots or other activities, Off-seasonis best for you if you do not want an overwhelming crowd and are traveling on abudget.


Look for shared spaces, hostels, PGs (Paying guest option)around you when you reach, these places won’t charge you a fortune and are verymuch comfortable for long stays, these places also serve free breakfasts whichsaves you the trouble and money of buying it.


Make sure you carry some packaged snacks and juices fromyour home when you start off, protein bars and chocolates are good choices foryour hunger pangs, you can also carry some chips, ready to eat noodles, soups,and some more dry snacks. On your way you might buy or get a few packagedsnacks with your meal, while you are on a train or a flight journey, you canstock that up for later. This hack will save you a lot of loose cash for fares!


Try and look for places which are less travelled or lessventured. Places which are isolated could turn out to be an adventure you wouldtell stories about. An off-beat adventure will save you the ticket moneycharged to tourists for commercial visits. These places might have really cheapaccommodation, new people to talk to, quirky guides and who knows you mightbump into a villager who can get you some authentic food for free!


While on a trip, watch out for free fun activities organizedby different travel groups. This is mostly found during festive season or dayslike Christmas, new year etc. These activities might include yoga sessions,trekking, marathons, hiking, among others. Who knows you might get to make somenew friends!


When travelling to cities, watch out for food fests and foodtesting events. These events are free of cost and invite people over variousplatforms on the Internet.  you can treatyourself to some pizza, pasta or maybe if you land up at a barbeque fest, nothinglike it …right?


Less baggage means less load on your back and that means youcan take those trekking and hiking trips more freely. Incase you have a lot ofbaggage, you’ll have to pay baggage charges plus it will occupy more space inyour hostel, or shared space and you will always carry the risk and obligationalong with the luggage anywhere you go.


Do you know VISA in some countries can be equal to afortnight’s salary for some people! Yes. It’s true! Make a list of places whichwill not require you to have a VISA for a visit. Also, there are a few Asiancountries like Thailand that might offer you free VISA on arrival on ChineseNew Year! These kind of offers last for a limited time, maybe a few months soalways watch out any such offers.


You might have heard of Travel credit cards, if not thengoogle it! Or you can just click here and find out about them. These cardsoffer you frequent flyer points known as miles. When you make payments forflight tickets. You can collect these frequent flyer points and use them onyour next trip to fly for a much lower cost as these points are equivalent tomoney, somewhat like a cashback on flight bookings.


When you surf the internet for hotel bookings, fights ortourist tickets etc. Comparing portals and hotel websites can track your searchthrough cookies and may show you prices accordingly, so the hack is that if youopen an incognito browser and surf for your bookings then you can stay clear ofcookies and find the best competitive prices!

So, that was it! If you know any other hacks that you’ve putto use, then tell us about your experiences because you know how much we lovehearing from you. You can also suggest us what else do you want us to writeabout, we’d love to do a blog post on that and guess what! we will also giveyou a shout out! So, keep travelling and keep hustling for that extra mile!

Till then…Happy buying!


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