PayPal – World’s Best Payment Gateway Now in India

PayPal – World’s Best Payment Gateway Now in India

With its presence in more than 200 markets in the world, Paypal is now in India with more benefits and features than ever. PayPal started their operations in 1998 and emerged as a world leader not many years later.

PayPal is a premium payments provider which offers lots of choices and flexibility both for getting paid and sending payments.

In India, as of now customers are able to make transactions through PayPal at select online merchants. Merchants offering PayPal as a payment option will have the flexibility to process both local and global payments through their platform, which gives them access to PayPal’s millions of customers across the world.

Few of the value added services/ features of PayPal that place it ahead of the other players in the market are:

No requirement to pre-load cash into the PayPal account. All that is needed is create PayPal account, link cards and benefit from all the PayPal features

One-touch payment – By enabling the One-touch payment option, the customers will experience seamless shopping experience and significantly reduce their checkout time

Buyer protection – This feature is one of its kind and provides the customers with a 180-days dispute resolution window, which means PayPal will refund customer’s money if an online seller doesn’t send the goods purchased by the customers, be it factory made or custom made. PayPal also refunds the money if an event has been cancelled or a flight has been overbooked, which resulted in customers not being able to avail the service they paid for through PayPal 

Return shipping costs – In case the customer is not satisfied with the product received, or it is not as described, they can return it and PayPal will cover up to Rs.500 of the shipping costs

Seller protection – PayPal also safeguards and takes care of their sellers/ merchants by providing them with 24/7 transaction monitoring, fraud prevention and seller protection. PayPal strives to provide it’s merchants with convenient trading experience by protecting their eligible sales, thereby saing them from any lost revenue and time, giving the merchants peace of mind and scope to concentrate on their core business. Merchants have an option of creating a separate account in PayPal for business

If you are an avid online shopper, or book majority of your services online, or looking for ways to expand your customer base and also looking for protection against fraudulent claims and a seamless selling or buying experience, PayPal is perfect for you. Create PayPal account now!


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