Invest in Mutual Funds with Angel Bee

Invest in Mutual Funds with Angel Bee

Posted by Creditkaro

Investment July 17, 2018

Learn about mutual funds, major features and start investing with Angel Bee

There is a saying “No risk no return”. All of us want good returns on our investments, but with our hard earned money, we are skeptical about taking risks while making investment decisions. There are many options to invest in the market and the most talked about is Mutual Funds these days. And even though we see that mutual funds provide us with good returns and with abundant information available on them everywhere around us, there is still a hesitation when it comes to mutual funds. This is also the result of lot of technical and financial data on mutual fund which is difficult to understand and comprehend for laymen like us. So let’s take a quick look at what are Mutual funds, what should we look at while investing in Mutual Funds and how and where to invest.

What are Mutual Funds?

Mutual funds are professionally managed financial instruments that pool money from different investors and then invest in a diverse portfolio, the portfolio can be sector-wise, it can be across different sectors, it can be in equity or even debt/ bonds. This makes them safer to invest in as compared to investing in a single equity. Another advantage of investing in mutual funds is that it is managed by professional fund managers who are knowledgeable in the field and invest only after thorough research of the market.

 Things to look at when investing in Mutual Funds

Returns: It is important to check the mutual fund’s returns before investing. All mutual funds provide 1 year/ 3 year/ 5 year returns information. But it is also important to compare these returns with the overall market returns and also returns of other mutual funds in the same category.

Lock-in period: Some mutual funds don’t have any lock-in period while others have a 3 year or 5 year lock-in period. So based on what you are looking for either long term investment or you might need money in a short time, this feature will help you choose the right mutual fund suitable for you

Category of mutual fund: This is particularly important when you are looking to invest in mutual fund for tax-saving purpose. Category tells us where mutual fund is focusing on – large capitalization companies or medium cap or multi cap or ELSS among others. So if you plan to change mutual fund for investing, it is advisable to select another mutual fund in the same category so that your overall purpose of investing or your objective is not disrupted.

Objective of the fund: This is another important criteria for investing in mutual funds. The investment objective provided by the mutual fund should be aligned to your own objective – whether you are looking for long term capital gain or wealth creation or diverse investment or just tax saving. So be sure to look for the investment objective of the mutual fund before investing.

Now that the basics of mutual fund and features to look out for are covered, let’s check out how and where to invest in mutual funds. All of the information can be accessed at one place where you can also research and find details about your mutual funds before investing at that platform itself.

Angel BEE:

There is something that can make this decision and investment easier for us known as Angel BEE which is a product of Angel Broking House and is an exclusive platform to invest in Mutual Funds.  Not only it provides us with recommendations based on our investment criteria, objective, risk appetite and amount to invest, it also helps us to invest right there on the same platform

Angel BEE helps investors with complete wealth management options including starting an SIP, Buy Mutual Funds, Planning of taxes and Expense tracker – you name it, Angel BEE is there for you.

It is very easy to invest in mutual funds via Angel BEE as they provide hand picked schemes and funds from each category after extensive research and artificial intelligence recommendation. All you have to do is Click here, explore various options, provide your basic details and the rest will follow.

After providing basic details, you can safely invest through their online platform which is as safe as a bank. It provides various tools to the users through which we can track progress of our investments and keep a tab on the same.

Their major USP is that they make investing very simple and easy, enabling users to have mutual funds at fingertips. All of this without any fees charged to the users.

Their recommendation platform has won many awards and provides way better returns compared to various index and benchmarks as shown below:

Fund type
Angel Recommended Funds Performance
NSE/BSE Performance
Tax Savings Schemes
15.6% Returns
14.8% Returns
SIP Schemes
13.1% Returns
16.6% Returns
Lumpsum Schemes
17.9% Returns14.8% Returns

Your search for the perfect platform to all things mutual funds ends here. Connect with Angel BEE and start your journey towards getting rich NOW!