How to link Aadhaar with Bank Account

How to link Aadhaar with Bank Account

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General February 03, 2018

RBI has made it mandatory to link Aadhaar with your respective bank account. The deadline for linking Aadhaar number - also called the Unique Identity Number (UID) – with the bank accounts is March 31, 2018 as per the govt. norms. The banks have been directed to deactivate accounts which have not been linked with Aadhar. The process of linking can be done in many ways Online as well as Offline.

  1. By Visiting the Bank
  2. At an ATM
  3. Through SMS
  4. Through Internet Banking
  5. Through Mobile App
  6. Through Phone

Linking Bank account by visiting the Bank (Offline Method):

Visit your nearest bank branch with your original copy of your Aadhaar Card

Ask for the Aadhaar verification form, enter your 12 digit UID from your Aadhaar Card along with the required details and give it to the concerned person.

Post updating it on the system you will receive a confirmatory message telling you that linkage is complete.

Linking Bank Account with Aadhaar at an ATM (Offline Method):

Bank account holders can use ATM to link Aadhaar with the account by the below mentioned steps:

Post swiping and entering the PIN go into the services section and select Registrations.

After selecting “Aadhaar Registration” option select account type and enter your 12 digit Unique Identification Number (Aadhaar No.) and click ok option.

A confirmatory message regarding the successful linking will be received.

Aadhaar linking is now complete.

Linking Bank Account with Aadhaar through SMS:

Not all banks provide the facility of linking Aadhaar with bank account via SMS. The SMS linkage format is different for different banks, given below is an example of how a State Bank of India account can be linked with Aadhaar:

Open create message tab in your phone and type the message:

UID <12 digit UID> and send to 567676

A confirmatory message stating the linkage has been accepted and completed.

Aadhaar Linage is now complete from your end, SBI will verify the details with UIDAI authority.

In case of an unsuccessful verification, the bank will share a message asking you to visit the next-door SBI branch with your original Aadhaar Card document.

 Linking Bank Account with Aadhaar through Internet Banking (Online Banking)

Similar to SMS linkage method all bank banks have different formats via online/net banking. Below is an example of how a State Bank account can be easily linked with Aadhaar:

Using the SBI login page enter your user id and password.

Select “My Account” section, click “Update Aadhaar with Bank accounts (CIF)” sub-section.

The bank will ask you for your profile password, post enter the password, it will take you to a page where you will need to enter the 12 digit

  • UID (Aadhar number) twice.
  • Click Submit and you are done.
  • Aadhaar linkage is now complete.
  • Aadhaar linkage through Bank’s Mobile App

One of the easiest way for account holders to Aadhar linkage id through the Mobile App.

Here are a few steps which might prove helpful:
  1. Open the bank mobile app and login to your account with username and password.
  2. Visit the “My Accounts” tab and select “Services” tab under it
  3. Click on the “View/Update Aadhaar card details” option and enter your 12digit UID number twice.
  4. Click on the submit button and you will receive a message regarding the successful linking.
  5. Linking Bank Account with Aadhaar through Phone:
Most banks provide the facility of linking Aadhaar with the bank account through phone.

Each bank has a unique number where you can give a missed call and receive a call bank from the bank.

It is an auto generated IVR call which provide different IVR options select Aadhaar card update

Enter the 12 digit UID number from your Aadhar card confirm it.

A confirmatory message will update you on that linkage has been completed.