5 Holidays Destinations to Visit This New Year

5 Holidays Destinations to Visit This New Year

The biggest celebration of the year is around the corner. Everybody is busy planning the ‘big NEW YEAR party’. This is that time of the year, when you do not want anything to go wrong, because as they say the way you spend your New Year’s Eve reflects a lot on how the whole year will go. We know you must be busy planning the celebrations, so we thought of helping you out with some amazing holiday destinations for this new year, we also have some shortlisted travel cards that may suit you, so if you want to apply for travel credit card, apply now.

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If you are planning a new year vacation with friends and family you might want check this out, we have listed top 5 travel destinations in India best suited for this new year!



Chalal is a village near Kasol, Himachal Pradesh near the Parvati valley. The journey of Chalal begins from kasol, you cross a bridge over the Parvati valley alongside a guesthouse called Alpine. It is serene and quite valley on the banks Parvati river , where you camp in the open enjoy some bonfire with close friends and if you are lucky you can also find some open air parties under the stars on the new year’s night.

Katagla is another valley 20 minute away from chalal and about 40 mins away from Kasol and falls between Chalal and Rasol. It generally remains quite around the year because of small population in the village, there are some famous cafes in the valley which known to host some Kick-ass open air parties on new year’s. So, if you are looking for a nice rave, this place might just be the one.


Located in the sandy Rajasthan, this a paradise for people who love sandy surroundings. This small temple town hosts one of the biggest camel fairs in the country, known as the pushkar mela. This place is home to the only dedicated Brahma temple, the beautiful Pushkar lake, Pushkar Bazaar. This place also home to some nice off-beat cafes and restaurants which host some of the coolest parties during this time of the year. People visit Pushkar this time of the year due to the winters. Perfect spot for a weekend celebration and a possible choice for your new year getaway.


Gokarna is a small town in Karnataka on the Arabian sea. Known as a temple town is a place which is home to beautiful beaches, the Mahabaleshwar temple and Koti teertha, but the thing that separates Gokarna from other holiday destinations is its electrifying party culture! Gokarana has some of the most amazing party places in the country, if you have an eye for it. You can also visit some beautiful shacks, enjoy some nice liquor with some nice beats playing in the background.


If we talk about new year parties and miss out Goa, then it’ll be sin! We all know that Goa has been the party capital of the country since ever. No travel blog is complete without mentioning Goa once. The whole vibe of this place makes you want to sing and dance to its eternal beauty. From electrifying night clubs to bohemian beach parties, you can enjoy so many flavors in one place. Beaches, cruises, bars, pubs everything just stops you from leaving. If there is a place that parties like there is no tomorrow, you know where to go!



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