As September ends, we can smell the festive seasonapproaching our doorsteps! It is that time of the year again, when the wholecountry will come together to celebrate a whole month in midst of multipleoccasions. Navaratri is approaching, so we will have Durga puja celebrationseverywhere and anywhere the Bengalis reside, then we will celebrate Dussehra,after that we have Bhai Dooj and karva Chauth in line and all these festivitieswill conclude with the most awaited festival in the country – ‘Diwali’. So,October in India is packed with celebrations and we can’t hold our nerves!

We thought we will do something unique this time around, sowe came up with some ‘Do It Yourself’ hacks to stay sorted this October. Wethought we should remind you a few pointers you should keep in mind before thefestive season knocks at your door.


This method is resourceful and will save you a lot of moneyand guess what it is hell lot of fun! You can gift your loved once handmadecards, pack home cooked sweets yourself, if you can bake, nothing like it! Youcan refer to YouTube videos for making sweets or baking some good cakes orcookies. If you have artistic abilities, you can create your own artworks andgift that instead! Let’s be honest, we all love gifts which involve a littleeffort and have a personal touch to it.


Every year as the festive season approaches, the headache ofcleaning and repairing the house also comes along. We all start calling in forpeople who would clean the house, repaint the walls, and repair the portions ofthe house which need attention. This season why not go for a differentapproach? Let’s take the initiative of ‘Doing It Yourself’. Get up early on theSundays for a couple of weeks and clean the house, bring some paint from themarket and watch some videos of how to paint walls, we know it sounds a bit toomuch, but trust us after point you’ll enjoy repairing your own house and whenit is finally over you’ll feel a lot more independent and satisfied, what else?You would have saved a lot of many on labor!


This season will bring a lot of oily food, lot sweets andmaybe a bit of drinks here and there, so start your exercise regime as soon aspossible. If you are fit and already have a routine then stick to it and do notskip in between, this will make sure you burn the extra calories. Also, try andkeep the alcohol in limits, to avoid getting bloated at the end of the month.


This is the prime time to avail cashbacks and rewardsthrough purchases. Banks offer heavy cashbacks and reward programs on purchasesmade with cashback and reward credit cards. Make the most of this opportunityand make all the purchases only with these cards to avail heavy discounts andoffers. Be smart and spend smartly. If you want to check out some cool offers,click here.


We all will renovate our homes or buy new electronic gadgetsthis season or maybe visit a distant relative. Don’t fall short on funds andapply for personal loans on creditkaro, we have some cool deals on personalloans where you will find flexible return policies, low interest rates andquick disbursals. Go all in this festive season, check out some amazingpersonal loan plans, click here.


Coupon websites will cash in on this festive season, sodon’t forget to keep a check on all the coupon websites so that you do not missout on some good deals. Collect good number of coupons and use them to buy stuffonline.


The online shopping websites are sure to bonkers this seasonwith a load of offers especially on clothes and electronics, so wait for thesale season to appear and go all in when it does! If you make purchases throughcashback credit cards, it’ll be like a cherry on the top.

So, these were some cool hacks to nail this festive month,if you have any other cool ideas then give us your own inputs, also write to usif you have any cool blog ideas for us! Keep shopping on creditkaro and keepcoming back to us for more such interesting content.

Wishing you a very happy October!


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