Buy Xiaomi 200w Fastest Charger with Exclusive offers on Credit card

Buy Xiaomi 200w Fastest Charger with Exclusive offers on Credit card

The world just got better for all of us android blokes! You know why? Because Xiaomi has just released its new and fastest charging technology solution which can charge your smartphone from 0 to 100 percent in just 8 minutes. This charger is set to become Xiaomi’s fastest charging technology ever. This new charging solution will be named/known as Hyper Charge tech and will be able charge all smartphones to full capacity within just 8 minutes. Xiaomi’s charging port also has the ability to wirelessly charge a device at 120W within 15 minutes. The wireless speed Xiaomi is providing is faster than the wired charging technology of most smartphone makers. 

The showcase of sheer power

Buy Xiaomi 200w Fastest Charger with Exclusive offers on Credit card

The Chinese brand showcased their prowess by showing a charging speed of 200W in a video, sharing the same on its social media handle. The Chinese giant showed the world a charging a modified Mi 11 Pro with a 4000mAh battery In the video. The 200W adapter charged the phone to 10% within just 44 seconds. 50% within just 3 minutes and 100% in under 8 minutes.

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120w segment 

Buy Xiaomi 200w Fastest Charger with Exclusive offers on Credit card

In addition to the two other charging ports, the company has also come out with a smaller 120W wireless charging version. The wireless charging method can charge a 4000mAh battery up to 10% within a minute. It practically takes 7 minutes to reach the 50% mark. So, It takes 15 minutes for the wireless charger to fully charge the battery to 100%. This was also showcased in the video released by them recently. 

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Right now if you are wondering how you will get your hands on the new charging deck offered by XIAOMI, then friends let us break this down to you, you will have to keep calm and wait for a little while until the product reaches the stores near you. At this point , we can’t be sure if it will just be available on XIAOMI stores online or will it be available on all E-commerce websites. 

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Going by the market trend, we can assume safely that it will be available online and if it does you will need the money to buy it. 

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