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Best Investment Plans In India With High Returns

Best Investment Plans In India With High Returns

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Last Update : Jun 08, 2022

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Best Investment Plans in India with High Returns The experts in the world of economics always believe that every person should think of rolling his or her accumulated money. The specialists never opine that the money, despite being hard-earned should be blocked in the savings or current accounts only. Rather it should be rolled which means it should be invested in such ways that the respective persons who have been rolling it, can gain from doing this. The noble advice regarding investment plans is that despite preserving their funds for emergency purposes the persons should make investments for three years or five years. Although making measurement of the returns five-year term is generally recommended, the people can also gain returns from three-year investments and this short-term investment has one advantage that people, making investments for three years, can easily plan their investments and make them in appropriate places where they can get similar maturity. The three-year investment can include different aspects ranging from a child's education to house renovations. Below some Best Investment Plans in India with High Returns have been mentioned. But before that, there should be a discussion about the advantages of investments.   How does one gain from an investment? The people who have made investments or wish to do so can be able to gain from their investments in some aspects. Firstly, investment helps the respective people to understand how they can increase their overall finance, deposited in the financial institutions like banks or any other places. Secondly, investments help the people not only to manage their funds by keeping them in different reliable sources but also guide the respective people to avoid debts and spend the invested money on emergency requirements. The people who make investments can see the alignment of personal goals as well as self-financial strength.   The Desired Investment Plans in India Discussing on Best Investment Plans in India with High Returns the specialists have made a list of investment options for the people. They are as follows: 1. Savings accounts: Keeping money in a savings account nowadays will not help the people to gain much as with dropping of interest rates the people are getting average interest rates of 2 to 4% per year. Still, a savings account makes one thing sure, the principal amount, deposited in the savings account does not decline and this investment does not get influenced by market fluctuations.   2. Liquid funds: Liquid funds are called investments in mutual funds and through investments in liquid funds the people can gain high liquidity with easy entrance to their money also. The people keeping their money in mutual funds can also get lucrative returns. According to the specialists, people can think only of rolling in their additional money in liquid funds as depositing money in these plans oblige the investors to pay several types of taxes.   3. Short-term and ultra-short-term funds: According to the specialists this plan can be termed one of the Best Investment Plans in India with High Returns. Under these plans, funds can be deposited for short terms such as between 90 days and 3 years. These funds can guard investments against reductions in interest rates. Especially, the people who fall in high tax slabs can try out to roll in money through these short-term debt funds. However, both these plans get influenced by market instability, unlike fixed deposit schemes.   4. Fixed deposit: A fixed deposit is appreciated as one of the best investment plans in India. There are a few reasons behind this notion. The people can choose prominent banks or any other financial institutions to obtain higher returns by keeping money in FD schemes there. Then easy renewals can be another key aspect where the investors can get the benefits of compounding and more returns. FD schemes are not affected by fluctuations in the market. So, the principal amount does not get deflated. The people can obtain assured returns on their deposits.   5. Gold: The experts are suggesting that investment in gold can help people to obtain high returns. People can choose any of the three common ways to make investments in gold. With their PAN cards, people can invest in gold, and that is called physical form. In another way, there are exchange-traded funds that are called gold ETFs. Each unit of Gold ETF represents a gram of gold and another way of investing is buying physical gold which is called a sovereign gold bond. The people can obtain a high-interest rate through this investment and it does not also impose tax after they are cashed on.   6. Treasury bill: Treasury bill is another avenue where people can enjoy an attractive amount of returns through investments. Treasury bills are issued by the government and it also issues another bond named the government bond. Treasury bills are generally for a shorter time while government bonds are issued for a longer period such as 5 to 10 years. These bills have growth periods of 91, 182, and 364 days and the bonds are generally issued at discounts and can be cashed on face value on maturity. However, despite the fact that this investment plan offers attractive returns, people have to invest multiples of Rs 25 thousand to purchase the bonds from the government. 

Published on Jun 08, 2022