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Best Credit Card For Fuel

Best Credit Card For Fuel

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Last Update : Jun 16, 2022

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Best Credit Card For Fuel   People nowadays are also using their credit cards to buy fuel. As fuel price has been increasing the usage of credit cards has also been almost regular. The reason is quite simple that, by using credit cards people are able to make some amount of savings. Generally, credit cards, offered by most of the banks and other financial institutions, have a certain amount of concessions on fuel surcharges. But some financial institutions including well-known banks have engineered these credit cards in such ways that the users can make savings especially on buying fuel by using those credit cards. The users of these credit cards can make savings in different forms like getting cashback, reward points, benefits from some brands, and more. State Bank of India, HDFC Bank, and Citibank are some popular names among the leading credit card issuing financial institutions that have come up with impressive discounts and offer especially on fuel expenses. Here is a list of the Best Credit Cards for Fuel.   1. BPCL SBI card Octane BPCL SBI Card Octane had existed already in the name of the BPCL SBI credit card. Later, with modifications and additional benefits designed by the SBI, the credit card has been launched again in the name of BPCL SBI Card Octane. The joining and annual fee of this card is Rs 1499. However annual fee can be relinquished if the users spend Rs 2 lakh in the previous years. Besides, the users can get a 7.25% value on making payments to Bharat Petroleum Gas through websites or mobile apps. The users can also earn a welcome bonus of six thousand reward points.   Key Benefits The users of BPCL SBI Card Octane have a scope of earning 25 reward points by spending Rs 100 every time for fuel, lubricants, and gas from BPCL. But the users have to purchase the items through websites and apps only. The reward points have been set for more activities with this credit card. The users can get 10 reward points when they use up Rs. 100 every time for dining, buying grocery items from departmental stores, and purchasing movie tickets. Then there is 1 reward point offer also to the users when they spend Rs 100 for buying retail products. They are only restricted to use the money for purchasing fuel from any other companies except BPCL. The users of these credit cards can receive welcome benefits that contain six thousand reward points when they make payments of annual fees. It is equal to Rs 1500. This credit card provides another significant benefit for the users. While making transactions of Rs 4000 every time through the purchase of fuel from any Bharat Petroleum petrol pumps across the country the users of these credit cards can receive 6.25% plus 1% fuel surcharge waivers. Along with this, BPCL SBI Card Octane users can have the opportunity to visit domestic airport lounges in India four times every calendar year, as well as they, can receive gift vouchers of Rs. 2,000 when they make consumptions of Rs 3 lakh in a year from associated brands. The users of these credit cards are also protected with fraud liability coverage of Rs 1 lakh for free.  

2. Indian Oil Citibank Platinum Credit Card Citibank has introduced the Indian Oil Citibank Platinum credit card following its association with Indian Oil. According to market specialists, this credit card can be termed one of the Best Credit Cards for Fuel. The experts opine that this credit card can be ideal for those who are in search of fuel credit cards particularly. The users cannot only make savings on fuel but also can earn points for spending on fuel. The experts opine that this credit card can be the perfect choice for those people who purchase fuel frequently and commute regularly.   Key Benefits Discussing on key benefits of this credit card, the specialists on a credit card have mentioned some exclusive benefits on fuel for the users of the Indian Oil Citibank Platinum credit card. The users of these credit cards can obtain up to 71-liter fuel-free every year. Among the other excellent fuel benefits, the users of these credit cards who purchase fuel frequently can make savings of more than 5% on fuel at Indian Oil outlets. The users can get advantages of forgoing 2.50% on fuel surcharge and these credit card users can earn up to 4 turbo points whenever they spend Rs 150 and interestingly turbo points do not expire. The users can also cash on their turbo points instantly for fuel at the selected petrol pump stations of Indian Oil. This credit card provides an opportunity for the users that they can forgo their annual fees of Rs 1000 by spending Rs 30 thousand in a year. Among other additional benefits, the users of Indian Oil Citibank Platinum credit cards can get privileges on dining where they can save up to 20% at more than 1 thousand restaurants in the cities including Chennai, Bangalore, Mumbai, and Delhi NCR. They can get complimentary small combos when they purchase every ticket for Sunday-show at leading multiplexes. Then the users can make savings while shopping from several retail stores, savings while paying utility bills, and finally, the users can enjoy another benefit of paying for any expensive products through EMIs. 

3. Indian Oil Axis Bank Credit Card Indian Oil Axis Bank credit card has come up with impressive returns on expending fuel. The users of these credit cards can earn a 4% return on fuel expenses which are called edge rewards. If the users can consume Rs 4000 to Rs 5000 every month to buy petrol they can get a waiver of their annual fees which are also Rs 500. Consuming Rs 50,000 in the previous year will also help the users to get their annual fees waived.   Key Benefits: The users of these credit cards have a scope of getting 100% cash back which can be Rs 250 maximum on all transactions for petrol within one month of card issuance. The users can enjoy increased reward points at Indian Oil petrol pumps on their transactions for petrol between Rs. 100 to Rs. 5,000 every month. The users have been offered to earn 20 reward points and get back 4% value whenever they spend Rs 100 at any Indian Oil petrol pump across the country. This credit card offers 5 reward points and 1% value back if the users do shopping online for Rs 100 every time. Then 1% surcharge on petrol can be forgone if the users of these credit cards make transactions between Rs. 200 to Rs. 5,000. Under the scheme of Axis Bank Dining Delights, users can enjoy up to 20% discount at partner restaurants as well as they can get 10% discounts while reserving movie tickets from BookMyShow.

4. HDFC Bharat Cashback Credit Card This credit card that is also called one of the Best Credit Cards for Fuel, is basically for beginners and appropriate mostly for those users who generally are in search of cashback on fuel. By using HDFC Bharat Cashback credit cards the users can save up to Rs 250 in every billing cycle. This credit card has also come up with a variety of benefits as the users can make savings up to Rs 3600 every year by using these credit cards.   Key Benefits: The joining and annual fee of this credit card is Rs 500. The annual fee can be relaxed if the users can use up to Rs 20 thousand in a year. The users consuming petrol can get 5% cashback. Even the same percentage of cashback is offered by these credit cards on reserving IRCTC tickets, grocery items, payments of utility bills and mobile recharges. The users can also enjoy 5% cashback when they spend through PayZapp or EasyEMI or SmartBUY gateways. The users, making minimum disbursements of Rs 400 can get 1% relaxation and users are also offered up to 50 interest-free days from the date of purchase. The users can also get death insurance coverage up to Rs 50 lakh. 

5. Indian Oil-HDFC Bank Credit Card HDFC Bank and Indian Oil, following an association, have introduced the Indian Oil-HDFC Bank credit card in 2019. This credit card was launched with a focus on the users of non-metro cities and towns in India. The users can earn 'fuel points' as well as can make savings on buying petrol at Indian Oil petrol pumps by using these credit cards.   Key Benefits The joining and annual fee of this credit card is Rs 500. An annual fee can be relinquished by the users if they make transactions of Rs 50 thousand in a year. This credit card has been designed to offer 'fuel points' instead of reward points like other credit cards. This credit card helps users to earn points as a percentage of their spending. For example, if the users spend Rs 2000 to buy petrol at Indian Oil Petrol pump stations and also make payments of Rs 2500 for necessary bills they will be able to earn 200 fuel points. The users of these credit cards can get up to 50 liters of petrol for free in a year by using these fuel points. By making minimum transactions of Rs 400 the users of these credit cards can be benefited from 1% fuel surcharge waiver also. 

Published on Jun 15, 2022