All of us can agree that payday is the best day in all ourlives in the whole month unless something bigger came along (like yourbirthday). We wait for this since the day we go broke, it could be a couple ofdays before the month ends, or probably a week, or maybe a fortnight! We allhave different spending habits and different range of income so the way ofsaving money could also differ from person to person. People will tell you toinvest the money, or put in a bank, or probably buy a property, something thatwill give you long term benefits. What about the daily hacks?

What about the money we go around wasting on junk food andirrelevant things? We never give a second thought before spending. This kind ofsplurging is the reason most of us go broke before the last week of the month.The point is whatever said and done, we millennials do not take our financesseriously, the moment money arrives in our bank accounts, the first thoughtthat crosses our mind is to spend that money rather than saving a part of itbefore going on a splurge. Today we are going to talk about some millennialhacks to save your hard-earned money.


If you want to save money from your income, then the firstand foremost thing you must do is plan your expenses and savings according toyour salary. First, list down all the necessary expenses, pay them off first,then you can plan on saving anything between 20 to 30% of the remaining amountdepending on your spending capacity. This will release a lot of stress fromyour head and you will see yourself in a comfortable position throughout themonth.


Promise yourself! Next time you are walking next to ashopping outlet, you will control yourself and look away (well not every time).The most necessary expenses should get the priority. Going on a shopping spreeis not a good idea when you are already running low on funds. Rather you cansave for a couple of months to buy an upgraded version of your desires!


Flights can be so much expensive, especially when you arebooking at the last moment. At times like these you can use travel cards tomake bookings. Travel cards offer frequent flyer points on every travel, thesepoints are called ‘Miles’.  These milesare equivalent to money and you can use these points on your next booking, plusthese cards also include offers on fuel surcharge and premium lounge access, sothis is the most efficient way to save on travel expenses. If you want to checksome good options, click here.


Bad habits are not just wastage of money, they are also areflection of your unhealthy lifestyle. Habits like smoking and drinking takeaway your money to kill you as soon as possible, which basically means that youare spending your money to kill yourself! That is just sheer stupidity (nooffence intended)! A pack of cigarettes costs approximately 250 bucks on anaverage, if you buy 4 packs a week, you are spending 12,000 rupees a year tosponsor your death! Just do the math and say ‘NO’.


Have you ever heard of coupon websites? NO? well then googleit! There are so many different coupon websites available where you can justgrab a deal of your choice at a very low price and then use those coupons tomake your purchases. Collect these coupons in bulk to earn more rewards anddiscounts on every purchase!


To stay away from a debt trap, always remember to pay thecredit card bills on time. Once you miss the pay date, you will be charged witha penalty plus the interest on the amount, this may cost you a fortuneunnecessarily so keep your payments in check, set a reminder so that you neverfall behind.


One bad habit we all have is withdrawing from savings account every time we are short of money. Warren Buffet once famously said –“Do not save what is left after spending; instead spend what is left aftersaving.”  We often finish all the moneyin our salary account and then start withdrawals from the savings account.Stopping this habit will ensure that you start spending wisely and build astable bank balance.


Modern surveys will tell you that the growth rate ofordering online food has been a staggering one, it is very much obvious giventhe number of food ordering apps we have on our phones these days. These appslure us into buying food from restaurants by making things easier for us and wepay a few hundred bucks to save a little effort on our own meal. Learn a newrecipe, cook for yourself, pack some lunch and have fun doing something new.Ordering less online will keep you healthier and save you a fortune.


If you have taken a loan from the bank and have been payingthe instalments diligently then you can opt for a balance transfer to anotherbank for lower interest rates. This will shift a little burden off yourshoulders, but make sure you don’t miss out on timely payments so that you canavoid any late charges or penalty.


When you are about to buy a new appliance or accessory, makea rule of waiting for 30 days at least. If it is very important, you will buyit before that timeline but if it is not completely necessary, wait out 4 weeksat least to see if you need it. This will prepare you for a big expensefinancially and there is a possibility you might lose the urge to buy it if itdoesn’t have that much importance in your life.

These are 10 life hacks you can use to save a bit more everyweek and may end up with good amount of savings. You can use those savings toinvest in your future. No matter how cliché it sounds it is true ‘a little bitof savings today is an investment for tomorrow’. If you like reading stuff, wewrite do let us know by writing to us at support@credikaro.com. Tell us whatyou want us to write about and we may do a blog for you! Keep reading to stayupdated and keep coming back to us.

Till then…. Happy buying!


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